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Agencyclick’s getting ready for Filming..

..and you should too! We're starting to see a great increase in the amount of productions being brought back to Agencyclick. With filming starting to pick up again here in Vancouver, there are plenty of casting calls for our performers to take their part in. So, we've released a couple of updates to help get the ball rolling. The biggest change coming to the site is for our Casting Directors and Agents. The new Casting Request Manager has made its way onto the site, making it easier to find the performers you need and the performers that you needed. With much more [...]

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Jurassic Park 3 Star Chris Pratt Loves “Beautiful” BC

Chris Pratt is taking in the sights around British Columbia as filming of Jurassic Park 3 is currently in production. Having recently spent some time shooting on Vancouver Island and now heading up to Merritt, BC, Pratt was struck by the natural beauty of the Coquihalla as he drove through Kamloops, BC. Look who gave our city a shoutout, #Kamloops. Apparently @prattprattpratt is filming in #Merritt. I agree, Chris, it’s beautiful around here. #beautifulbritishcolumbia pic.twitter.com/durjPyFFRK — Michael Meyer 🏳️‍🌈 👬🇨🇦 (@HoganBCMJ) February 26, 2020 Kamloops residents are certainly taking notice — Tourism Kamloops CEO Bev DeSantis said she's been getting links sent to [...]

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Mighty Ducks Reboot Filming in Vancouver, BC

Quack, quack, quack, quack... There has been a surge of duck sightings and flying v's in the Greater Vancouver area this month with the announcement of the Disney+ reboot of The Mighty Ducks! With the announcement comes the return of Emilio Estevez as Coach Bombay, it is an exciting project that will most definitely see some hints of the original Mighty Ducks of 1992. "Once a duck always a duck." Estevez said in a statement. "I am thrilled to return to my old stomping grounds with my friends at Disney and Steve Brill The new re-make will be a 10-episode series set to [...]

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Canada’s Largest Film Studio Set to Be Built in Langley, BC

Canadian Film production company Martini Film Studios is planning to build the country’s largest studio complex in Vancouver. When complete, it will provide 600,000 sq ft of sound stages, offices and storage. Upon completion of the new facility MFS will more than triple its current size. With this build alone it is estimated it will increase Vancouver’s film and television production capacity by up to 15% MFS first opened in Metro Vancouver in 2017 , their original space totalling 250,000 sq ft in Langley City. With the new studio addition Martini Film Studio will more than triple their current studio space. MFS has [...]

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Bringing the Casting Directors to you with Agencyclick.com

Are you an aspiring actor looking to break onto the scene? Not sure where to start or who to reach out to? We know it can be hard to take your first steps into the film industry, whether you are looking for your first background role, speaking role or looking to keep your opportunities in front of the camera consistent. At Agencyclick, we are here to help! With our unique service we will get you noticed fast! Agencyclick has been a trusted tool by industry professionals for years. With hundreds of booking requests being completed weekly by Casting Directors using Agencyclick, you can [...]

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Victoria’s Film Industry Is On The Rise!

Photo/VicNews Victoria’s Film Industry is on the rise, turning heads and cameras to the South Coast of Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC Picturesque Victoria, BC has long worked to create a reputation in the film industry as a premiere Canadian destination. The South Island’s naturally rugged beauty and hospitality has proven to be a great combination for producing both films and television series alike, however the region has never truly earned the recognition and growth in the industry it deserves, until now... With production companies like Hallmark and Disney continuing to lean into the region and a film studio in the works, Victoria [...]

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