Victoria’s Film Industry is on the rise, turning heads and cameras to the South Coast of Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC

Picturesque Victoria, BC has long worked to create a reputation in the film industry as a premiere Canadian destination. The South Island’s naturally rugged beauty and hospitality has proven to be a great combination for producing both films and television series alike, however the region has never truly earned the recognition and growth in the industry it deserves, until now…

With production companies like Hallmark and Disney continuing to lean into the region and a film studio in the works, Victoria is quickly gaining momentum in the industry.

The Vancouver Island South Film and Media Commission is largely behind the growth of the film industry and actively advertising the unique qualities of Victoria and the Saanich area. Recently multiple sites have been scouted out as potential areas for a professional scale studio to be constructed.


While Victoria is prime for expansion, the biggest hurdle currently is being able to meet the future demands of incoming productions. With a small amount of local crew support and minimal studio space, Victoria is at a decision point on whether to invest in the film industry. Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes is for the construction of new studios, seeing the value in upcoming demand. Together with the support of Camosun College, they are moving forward with talks around building an “Interurban campus which would include space for film-related trades training and a production complex with two 20,000 square-foot studios.”

While the debate continues on what are the next best steps moving forward for the film industry in Victoria, it is no doubt that slowly but surely the picturesque coastal city is heating up! 

The city of Victoria is alive with talent. Vancouver Island is home to many creatives, and the growing talent industry is uncovering them! The local industry has proven to fulfill the needs of production companies with increasingly recognizable names, and with plans to expand the industry Victoria is hopeful of the growth it will provide. So next time you sit down to another Hallmark classic look out for the hints of the Coastal town of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

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