Canadian Film production company Martini Film Studios is planning to build the country’s largest studio complex in Vancouver. When complete, it will provide 600,000 sq ft of sound stages, offices and storage. Upon completion of the new facility MFS will more than triple its current size. With this build alone it is estimated it will increase Vancouver’s film and television production capacity by up to 15%

MFS first opened in Metro Vancouver in 2017 , their original space totalling 250,000 sq ft in Langley City. With the new studio addition Martini Film Studio will more than triple their current studio space. MFS has supported Netflix’s productions in Vancouver including Chilling adventures of Sabrina and Another Life.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Pt. 3 Presented by Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Pt. 3 Presented by Netflix

The growth of local production activity in recent years has far outpaced available studio space. “Vancouver is one of the world’s top film hubs, and continues to be a great draw for the international production community,” said David Shepheard, director of the VEC’s Vancouver Film Commission.

“Although producers are practiced at stowing productions in unusual crannies, and at converting underused space, feature projects and series are known to make decisions hinging on whether there are suitable sound stages available to facilitate their show. If you don’t have the factory, you won’t get the product.”

Gemma Martini, the company’s chief executive had this to say about the expansion: “Space is in huge demand, and with the industry thriving and the growth potential for the film and television business across all of British Columbia, we’re proud to expand our services for the sector.”

Vancouver is a global center for film making. According to the Vancouver Economic Commission, the film industry has contributed US$14.2bn to the local economy since 2012.

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